Keiser University – A Complete Guide to Florida’s Top Career-Focused College

    Introduction to Keiser University

    Keiser University is a private university in Florida, United States that has campuses across the state. It offers degrees ranging from associate degrees all the way up to doctoral degrees. Keiser University focuses on career-ready education and has small class sizes.

    What is Keiser University?

    Keiser University is a university where people go to learn careers. It has lots of different subjects that students can choose from to study. Some subjects teach you to be a nurse or doctor. Other subjects teach you business, technology, or how to fix cars. Students can earn a two-year, four-year, or advanced degree. The classes are small so students get attention from the teachers.

    When Was Keiser University Started?

    A long time ago in 1977, Dr. Arthur Keiser and his wife Belinda Keiser started a small business school in Florida. This was the beginning of Keiser University. Over many years, the school grew and added more subjects and campuses in Florida. Today, Keiser University has over 18 campuses all across the state of Florida. It now teaches over 18,000 students every year.

    What Can You Study at Keiser University?

    There are lots of different subjects you can choose from at Keiser University. Here are some examples:

    Nursing: Students learn how to become nurses. The classes teach you how to care for patients. There are nursing degrees from two years up to master’s degrees.

    Business: If you want to own a business one day, these classes are for you. You will learn marketing, accounting, how to sell products, and more.

    Criminal Justice: This teaches you about laws and the court system. It prepares you for jobs in police, security, or government.

    Education: Want to become a teacher? The education degrees help you learn how to teach students of all ages. You can be a school teacher, professor, or trainer.

    There are over 100 degrees to choose from. The programs give you hands-on training so you become an expert in your field.

    Why Students Choose Keiser University

    There are many reasons students pick Keiser University for their education. Here are some top reasons:

    Career Focused

    The programs give you real-world skills so you can land a job when you graduate. You get useful training for your future career.

    Small Classes

    Keiser University limits its classes to 17 students for every 1 teacher. This helps each student get attention from the teacher.

    Flexible Schedules

    Keiser University has daytime, nighttime, weekend, and online classes. This allows students to learn on their own schedule.

    Degree Options

    You can start with a simple two-year degree. Then you can keep advancing all the way up to a PhD degree without leaving Keiser. This saves you time and money.

    The Future of Keiser University

    Keiser University started very small back in 1977 as a business school. But today, it has grown to a large university all across Florida. Over 45 years, Keiser now teaches over 18,000 students each year and offers advanced degrees. We will probably see Keiser University continue growing. It wants to make education easy to access for all types of students through online classes and flexible schedules. The hands-on training helps students be ready for their future careers.