19 Top Hospital in Chennai

    Top Hospital in Chennai

    Top Hospital in Chennai offer a broad range of medical services. These hospitals have multispecialty doctors and healthcare professionals and adhere to stringent quality standards. They also prioritize patient safety and provide compassionate care.

    These hospitals are dedicated to making medical care accessible to all. They have a proven track record of treating complex cases and are committed to providing patients with high-quality healthcare.

    Vinita Hospital

    The Top Hospital in Chennai is known for its unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare services. Its team of skilled medical experts and cutting-edge facilities make it the preferred choice for patients across the city. It also prioritizes patient trust and fosters a healing environment. This multispecialty hospital offers comprehensive outpatient and inpatient treatment.

    It also provides emergency orthopedic care for urgent musculoskeletal injuries. Its orthopedic specialists are committed to improving patients’ quality of life and promoting wellness through a multidisciplinary approach.

    The eminent nephrologists at this hospital provide crucial specialized care to patients with kidney-related issues. They have extensive experience in managing chronic and hypertension-related kidney diseases. They are able to provide comprehensive and transparent nephrology treatment regardless of the patient’s financial ability. This hospital is located at 70 Josier Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Its doctors have over three decades of professional experience in the field of nephrology. They treat patients with various conditions, including renal replacement therapy and kidney transplant.

    Sri Ramachandra Medical Center

    Sri Ramachandra Medical Center is an efficient multispecialty hospital located in the heart of Chennai. It is part of the 175 acre campus of Sri Ramachandra University and provides healthcare treatment to patients from all over the country. Its top doctors are well-versed in their respective fields and provide quality care. Some of the top gynecologists, ENT specialists, orthopaedic surgeons and neurologists are associated with this hospital.

    The hospital offers a variety of treatments, including ASD closure and repair. Its cardiac surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques and follow strict protocols to ensure patient safety. They also perform CABG surgeries, which have a high success rate.

    SRMC is considered one of the best hospitals for liver transplant in India. Its dedicated liver transplant team has over 150 years of experience in the field. Its staff and medical equipment are world-class, and its facilities include a full range of multi-specialty services and a 24/7 pharmacy. SRMC is also known for its renowned urology and oncology departments.

    Vijaya Group of Hospitals

    The Vijaya group of hospitals provides holistic healthcare to the patients. They treat the patients with medicines, Ayurvedic therapies, and counseling. They have a team of doctors who are specialized in manifold fields of medicine. The hospital also has their own blood bank, foot clinic, mother’s milk bank, pathology department, and rehabilitation centre.

    The hospital has multiple beds and state-of-the-art equipment. The staff is dedicated to providing the best care to their patients. They make sure that the patient gets a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The doctors at the hospital have a professional attitude and are experienced in handling complex cases.

    The hospital offers affordable prices for their services. It also offers free transportation for outstation patients. The staff also helps patients to book air tickets and hotels. The hospital has many budget and luxury hotels nearby. It is important to book hotels near the hospital so that you can reach it on time.

    Global Hospitals

    The largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals network, this sprawling 21-acre facility located in Perumbakkam, Chennai offers end-to-end spectrum of high quality healthcare facilities. Accredited by several international & national level accrediting agencies, this hospital is preferred medical destination for patients from across India and worldwide. World class infrastructure, dedicated staff & commitment to excellence are its USPs.

    The surgeons at the hospital have performed multiple path-breaking liver, kidney, lung, and heart transplantation procedures. They have the expertise to treat patients of any age and gender. Their high sterility control, qualitative study of donor-recipient compatibility, and good rehabilitation support are the factors behind their excellent postoperative survival rates.

    The hospital also specializes in performing ASD closure/repair in adults. This procedure is used to treat an atrio-ventricular defect that allows oxygen-rich blood to leak into the wrong atrium. It is a minimally invasive surgery. The hospital has a wide range of cardiologists who are experts in this area.